This site appeared as documentalization after a master of fine arts project called GAIT, initiated by Mira Mutka.

Documentation is a set of documents provided on paper, or online, or on digital or analog media, such as audio tape or CDs. Example are user guides, white papers, on-line help, quick-reference guides. It is becoming less common to see paper (hard-copy) documentation. Documentation is distributed via websites, software products, and other on-line applications.


In psychologymentalization is the ability to understand the mental state of oneself and others which underlies overt behaviour.[1]Mentalization can be seen as a form of imaginative mental activity, which allows us to perceive and interpret human behaviour in terms of intentional mental states (e.g. needs, desires, feelings, beliefs, goals, purposes, and reasons).[2][3] Another term that David Wallin has used for mentalization is “Thinking about thinking”.[4]